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Inaugural Course – Occupational Medicine Sales & Marketing

What started out as the Occupational Medicine Sales & Marketing pre-conference for the NAOHP Annual National conference has become our inaugural course here on

As with many live conferences, this one succumbed to the no-travel, no-contact, no-large-gathering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time I had received requests from other organizations for their own brand of occupational medicine sales & marketing training and resources, hence the decision to create a new venue,, from which to launch any courses that multiple organizations or individuals may have interest in.

And it allows for many of my colleagues and new friends to create their own courses to host here as we grow this new learning community geared towards professional audiences.

Occupational Medicine Sales & Marketing – Touchpoints for a No-Touch World

We’ve tapped into some of the brightest minds in occupational medicine sales & marketing to bring fresh, innovative ideas into what’s working now during the pandemic and how to succeed going forward.

At the same time we cover all the basics of occupational medicine sales & marketing, so newbies will know exactly where to start while seasoned pros get a refresher and can move directly into more advanced concepts.

We kick off the curriculum creating your online presence and reputation, since that is how most employer clients and patients are going to find you.

Digital marketing and creative uses of technology are some highlights featured in this year’s conference.

Measure twice, cut once

Metrics, analytics, goals and game plans. You can’t measure success of your program without these. Several presenters will show practical methods of figuring out where you should be going, how to get there, and how to demonstrate your value to your clients and to your own organization.

Knock Knock, Anybody Home?

The days of knocking on doors is likely past. We show you the best ways to communicate with potential and existing clients via multiple channels to create relationships that solve problems.

Much of this involves the use of technology. We’ll demo and walk through online resources, CRMs, spreadsheets, telehealth resources, and much more.

Live Interaction with Instructors

After each day’s lessons, we’ll host live interactive webinars with the instructors for that day to review and clarify the topics and field questions from attendees during chat.

You can also post questions during the lessons, which we’ll collect and cover in the live Q&A.

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Whether you’re a physician or non-physician owner, administrator, director, office manager, sales or marketing professional for an urgent care, occupational medicine practice or hospital/health system offering employer services, this is the one conference you won’t want to miss this year.

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