Sometime around 2004, along with my urgent care centers and corporate clinics, I owned and operated 5 DOT Commercial Driver exam clinics. These were staffed by an eclectic group of medical providers – MDs, PAs and Chiropractors.

I had to be sure that these exams were all done in a consistent manner and in accordance with DOT regulations and other guidance available at the time.

So this started my first training program for professional education.

Much later the NRCME came along, the National Registry for Certified Medical Examiners, which called for more formal training of these same type of providers to become certified.

This led to my medical directorship of NADME, the National Academy of DOT Medical Examiners. We’ve trained over 15,000 medical examiner candidates since 2012.

After I sold my medical practices I founded Urgentcarementor, and created online training for urgent care and occupational medicine topics, including both clinical and practice management and sales and marketing topics.

And then expanded on the DOT exam training with the NRCME Seminar Series and DOTmentor, providing webinars and other training and support materials for certified medical examiners.

In 2017 I joined NAOHP, the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals and Ryan Associates, the consulting arm of NAOHP, as the lead consultant.

Shortly thereafter we created NAOHP University to focus on Occupational Medicine practice management training.

And of course we create all manner of training for the annual NAOHP conferences.

But this year, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, like many conferences, ours is cancelled.

This year, we had been planning to hold a 2 day Occupational Medicine Sales & Marketing NAOHP pre-conference.

At the same time, we had a request from ACOEM to provide Sales and Marketing resources for members.

So we decided to combine the NAOHP pre-conference and the ACOEM sales and marketing training into one comprehensive course that would be easily accessible to both memberships, as well as any others that want to access a cutting edge, real-world occupational medicine sales and marketing conference, here on

This platform allows us to combine best in class learning management systems with live instructor panel webinars for a complete learning experience.

In addition, I’ve had many colleagues with years of experience in various fields eager to share their knowledge through their own online courses.

So the other goal for is to provide a platform for my colleagues and new friends to share their knowledge and create courses geared for professional audiences.

I hope if you have something to share you will consider doing it here.

I’m eager to help you do it.

By the way, what’s with the funny name, Odanti, what does it mean?

When we were thinking of a name for this site, we first considered very “practical” names like “,,,”

But those were just too boring.

And then my son, Nick, advised that we consider something more abstract that connotes the flavor of the site as a center for professional learning, but that had it’s roots in an ancient language or somesuch.

Thus was born, inspired by one of the most ancient world centers of learning, Odantipuram, Bihar, India, circa 8th century, BC.

Although primarily attended by up to 12,000 monks with the most popular subject Vajrayana Buddhism theology, grammar, philosophy, logic, metaphysics and medicine were other areas of study,

Thanks for checking out I hope you enjoy learning here, and hopefully teaching here as well.

Larry Earl, MD